Brad Pitt opens up about his personal struggles: I’ve always felt alone

Brad Pitt opens up about his personal struggles: I've always felt alone


Brad Pitt is one of Hollywood’s best-known celebrities, yet he is still not immune to the problems of the average human being.

One of the most common is depression and Pitt opened up in an interview with GQ about his condition and how it caused him to feel “alone”. He also detailed the ways in which he got better and how he managed to achieve happiness.

Accustomed to portraying a strong image on screen, Pitt proved to be very different when the spotlight is no longer pointed directly at him.

The actor was the feature of the latest issue of GQ magazine and was very open and honest about some of the personal aspects of his life.

The Hollywood star revealed in an interview that he suffered from depression and told how it affected his emotional state, despite working in films and his professional success.

“I’ve always felt alone. Alone when I was little, alone even here, and it’s only recently that I’ve felt more supported by my friends and family.” Pitt told GQ Magazine.

“There is a verse by Rilke, or by Einstein, believe it or not, that is about living in the paradox of harbouring great pain and at the same time feeling real joy.

“That’s maturing, growing as a person.”

What has helped the actor to find happiness?

Despite everything, Pitt wanted to share his experiences and detailed how he managed to overcome all those feelings.

“I was always moving with the currents, drifting one way and the next,” Pitt continued.

“I spent years with low-grade depression, and it wasn’t until I came to terms with that, trying to embrace all sides of myself, the beauty and the ugliness, that I was able to catch those moments of contentment. I think we’re all a little depressed.”

Finally, the actor touched on something that helped him overcome his condition and find joy in his life.

“Music gives me a lot of joy. I think joy has been something I discovered later in life,” Pitt said.

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