Stakhovsky: The ATP is standing on the side of invaders and murderers

Stakhovsky: The ATP is standing on the side of invaders and murderers


Tennis player Sergiy Stakhovsky has launched a furious attack against the ATP, following the tennis association’s decision to not award any ranking points at Wimbledon over the competition’s refusal to allow Russian or Belarussian players to take part.

Stakhovsky, who returned to Kyiv to take up arms following Russia’s invasion of his home country, has tweeted about the ATP’s decision.

“To say that I am disappointed in the ATP Tour would be an understatement,” he started.

“I never would expect that anyone can stand on the side of invaders and murderers, but it seems to me that even my fellow players feel sorry for invaders and collaborants from Russia and Belarus, players who in 85 days where not able to produce any clear message of condemnation of the invasion into Ukraine. Shameful day in tennis.”

Wimbledon’s statement about the ATP’s decision

The organisers of Wimbledon are also unhappy and released a statement of their own following the ATP’s announcement.

“On behalf of the All England Club and the Committee of Management of The Championships, we write in response to the decisions taken by the ATP, WTA and ITF Boards to remove ATP, WTA and ITF ranking points for The Championships 2022,” the statement started.

“We appreciate that opinions differ in relation to our decision to decline entries from Russian and Belarusian players to The Championships this year, and we deeply regret the impact of this decision on the individuals affected.

“However, given the position taken by the UK Government to limit Russia’s global influence, which removed automatic entry by ranking, and the widespread response of Government, industry, sport and creative institutions, we remain of the view that we have made the only viable decision for Wimbledon as a globally renowned sporting event and British institution, and we stand by the decision we have made.

“As we have previously stated, after careful consideration against a variety of factors, and bound to act in accordance with the directive guidance from the UK Government, we came to two firm conclusions that formed the basis for this decision.

“We were not prepared to take any actions which could risk the personal safety of players, or their families. We believe that requiring written declarations from individual players – and that would apply to all relevant players – as a condition of entry in the high-profile circumstances of Wimbledon would carry significant scrutiny and risk.

“In addition, we remain unwilling to accept success or participation at Wimbledon being used to benefit the propaganda machine of the Russian regime, which, through its closely controlled State media, has an acknowledged history of using sporting success to support a triumphant narrative to the Russian people.

“We therefore wish to state our deep disappointment at the decisions taken by the ATP, WTA and ITF in removing ranking points for The Championships. We believe these decisions to be disproportionate in the context of the exceptional and extreme circumstances of this situation and the position we found ourselves in, and damaging to all players who compete on Tour.

“We are considering our options, and we are reserving our position at this stage. We are also in discussion with our Grand Slam colleagues.

“In the meantime, we remain focused on our exciting plans for The Championships this year.”

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