Who is Dawn Hughes, the doctor testifying in the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp?

Who is Dawn Hughes, the doctor testifying in the trial between Amber Heard and Johnny Depp?


The team of lawyers defending Amber Heard in the trial against her ex-husband Johnny Depp, requested that on the thirteenth day of the trial Dawn Hughes, whose testimony could mark the course of the case, take the stand.

The lady in question is based in New York, where she has been a forensic and clinical psychologist for more than 25 years.

Key testimony

For several years, Huges has been an expert in intimate partner violence, sexual assault and traumatic stress.

Testifying before the judge, the specialist denied that mutual abuse exists in the relationship between the actors and made it clear that after analyzing Amber Heard’s behavior, without being her patient, she detected that she is affected by suffering abuse.

“It has shown to have very clear psychological traumatic effects,” she said.

In her opinion, the expert maintains that the main cause of such damage is “intimate partner violence by Mr. Depp”.

When questioned by Heard’s lawyer, about the messages that Johnny Depp wrote to her in blood on the mirrors of a bathroom during a confrontation they had in Australia, the psychologist again left the actor in a very bad light.

“Writing messages could play a role in emotional abuse towards your partner,” she indicated.

Violence behind the door

Hughes also referred to the ambiguity of living with a violent man.

“Love and normalcy are almost always in these relationships. When you’re in a lull and the violence isn’t happening, you’re back with the man you fell in love with…. And you create a traumatic bond, but the only person who can change the abuse is the abuser,” she emphasized.

Another key point that Dawn Huges mentioned is that violence that occurs behind closed doors is rarely detected in public, because the abuser is aware that in front of others he must act differently.

“Sometimes we see the remnants of the after effects…. But rarely do we appreciate the explosion in the midst of witnesses. A person can be smiling and happy, but that doesn’t mean they are not suffering inside,” he said.

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