Outrage in Scotland: Albion Rovers’ David Cox taunted over suicide attempt

Outrage in Scotland: Albion Rovers' David Cox taunted over suicide attempt

The match between Stenhousemuir and Albion Rovers in the Scottish League Two was marred by verbal abuse received by Rovers player David Cox.

Cox, who has previously attempted suicide and has spoken openly about his struggles with depression, was subjected to verbal abuse over his mental health and subsequently left the stadium.

Jonathan Tiffoney was the player accused of the comments by Cox.

“The second half is just starting and I’ve left the stadium,” Cox said.

“I wasn’t playing tonight, I was on the bench.

“We were having a to-and-fro with the [other team’s] bench.

“They had a go at my mental health and told me I ‘should have done it right the first time’.

Cox explained why he decided to leave the stadium.

“Some folk might not think it is a big deal but I am fed up for it. I don’t get paid enough,” he added.

“I tried to speak to the referees about it, but they didn’t want to know because they didn’t hear it.

“So I am going to do something about it. I am leaving the game. I am done with it”.

Albion Rovers released a statement on the incident.

“We are aware of an alleged incident that occurred during this evening’s match and have been in touch with David Cox to offer our unconditional backing and support,” they said.

“We have spoken to the players involved. Both players are making claims of serious and wholly inappropriate comments being made during the game that have implications for player wellbeing and mental health.

“Whilst we accept that things can get said during a game, we believe the allegations are sufficiently serious enough to merit a more detailed investigation.

“We will be referring this to the Scottish FA tomorrow and will work with them and our colleagues at Albion Rovers to investigate the incident.”

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