‘It’s difficult to have respect for some things he did’ – Cahill reveals rocky Sarri relationship at Chelsea

'It's difficult to have respect for some things he did' - Cahill reveals rocky Sarri relationship at Chelsea

‘It’s difficult to have respect for some things he did’ – Cahill reveals rocky Sarri relationship at Chelsea

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  1. Cahill feels he didn’t get a fair shake. Be that as it may, his style of play simply wasn’t a fit for Sarriball. Even if he had been at the club from the very start, I don’t think we’d be in a massively different outcome right now.

  2. Definitely not a great man manager, I’m sure he’s a really interesting coach to work under but I’m glad he’s gone and we’re finally really using the youth

  3. Sarri told him openly that he wasn’t suited to his football very early on. Cahill chose to stay in January because he would have had to take a wage cut. Then constantly talked shit and leaked confidential talks to Matt Law.

    He’s complaining about never getting 5-6 games in a row to earn his shirt back as if he were entitled to it. Luiz and Rüdiger did well together, Christensen did well when he played. I have no idea what makes Cahill think he deserved a stretch of games to get back in the side.

    I have a lot more respect for what Sarri did that season than I do for what Cahill did.

    EDIT: The absolute fucking irony when Cahill says this about why he loved Conte:

    > “He was a great manager. Conte said, ‘Right, I’m changing this’. He knows that formation inside out, and there was not one player on the pitch who did not know his role inside out. If you didn’t know it, you didn’t play.”

    > “I spoke to Conte and he was adamant it would work. The Joses, the Contes. The attention to detail, the way they think. They never switch off. You have that confidence; an arrogance in a good way.”

    That’s literally 100% what happened with Sarri, only that Cahill was the one left out. The absolute hypocrisy.

  4. You have to understand where Gary comes from. He plays every game for 2 straight seasons in teams that won two trophies. He didn’t really fit Conte’s style but he played anyway – and played well for the most part. Then in comes a new manager who just flat out identifies that he does fit his style and excludes him from the squad most weeks. Never plays. No matter how many mistakes Luiz, Rüdiger or Christensen made, Cahill couldn’t get a game. His time with Chelsea was coming to an end, but his treatment of a club legend, club captain, someone with infinite amount of experience to help, just tossed by the wayside. It was a bit of a joke to be quite honest. I’m not saying Cahill had to start but to only play 8 games all season, 4 of them in the Europa League group stage (not even on the bench in 7 of the 10 knockout stage games), is kind of a sad way to end his Chelsea career. I thought it was telling that he didn’t think he’d even get a chance to say goodbye to the fans in our final home game. Luckily, he was proven wrong.

  5. Sarri is right up there with AVB as the worst manager of the Roman era.

    Not cause of this but because of a collection of things. The football was dog shit. It is unbelievable that a team could have the ball 70% of a game and not be able to sniff a shot on target. Game after game after game.

    He lucked into a top 4 finish, got destroyed by Frankfurt and lucked into a final in the Europa league.

    He should thank God for Eden Hazard picking this team up on his back and carrying it around for him.

    Sarri got so many passes from fans online cause Napoli got a bunch of YouTube videos of them passing the ball out of the back and beating the press.

    I thank every higher power that might exist that he ended up going to Juventus.

  6. It was very clear that cahill didn’t suit sarri ball at all. I recall in his rare appearance for sarri, he looked so uncomfortable with the ball at his feet. Even Luiz was shouting at him.

  7. Sarri was very up front in pre-season to the players who didn’t fit his style. Drinkwater and Cahill had the whole summer to move elsewhere, where they would play (but probably earn less.) Cahill made the decision to stay himself, can’t blame anyone else for it.

  8. It’s difficult to have respect for Cahill after the shit he’s talked. He was supposed to be club captain and he threw a tantrum when he wasn’t playing. The manager was straight with him, Cahill just didn’t like it.

    Contrast that with JT when Conte stopped playing him. He was pretty much told the same thing but JT handled it with class.

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