Daily Discussion Thread – April 08, 2020

Daily Discussion Thread - April 08, 2020

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Please use this thread to discuss anything and everything football related! This covers ticket and general matchday questions (pubs, transport, etc), club tactics/formations, player social media, football around the globe, rivals and other competitions, and everything that comes to mind that ties in with Chelsea or football.

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  2. For kids in the academy who transferred from other clubs and are like 16/17 years old, do they go to a school and have the option to go to college in London? I’d imagine life would be very difficult for them if they didn’t make the cut and were 19/20 with no education

  3. I think a Coutinho load deal could be an interesting one. He’s clearly very talented and would provide more of an eye for goal from midfield.

    The only thing I worry about is what type of attitude he brings to the group. Lampard has created this positive atmosphere and has gotten rid of egos like Luiz. Hopefully Coutinho doesn’t ruin it.

  4. If we go in for a better more experienced CB this season, so you think we’ll sell one of our current batch? We’d have this new signing, Rudiger, Christensen, Zouma, Tomori. Could we rotate them all and keep them all happy?

  5. Watched the 2015 carabao cup final today on the 5th stand app. God damn am I so reminiscent of that season. Reminds me of just how genius he was at Chelsea, both times. Lifting the trophy, AC seems to shy to lift it, Mourinho makes him, he saw the potential. That year was just so nostalgic man.

  6. Its so weird that a big portion of this sub have basically latched onto us signing Coutinho when the only sources that have linked us are the Sun and the Metro. Not a single reliable source has said we’re interested in him, his wages are too high for our wage structure, he doesn’t fit Lampard’s system, he’s been fairly average for two years and he’ll cost around 50m at the lowest end.

    Another overlapping part of this sub has also decided 1. We have no chance of signing Sancho eventhough there’s literally been no reliable news as to the situation changing since Jan (If we get CL, we can match Utd) 2. We are suddenly going to switch to a 4-3-3 next season eventhough we’ve used 4-2-3-1 for the majority of the year with all three of our mids fit.

    I get that you’re bored, we all are but stop making wild speculations as if they’re fact and then posting them all over the discussion forums. The most recent, reliable analysis of our summer window is on Tifo Footballs podcast with Liam Twomey and Matt Law’s interview from last month. The breakdown is simple – The Sancho situation is the same, its dependent on CL, Kante/Jorginho could be on there way out, we’re interested in Chilwell but if we can’t afford him we’ll get someone else (Probably Telles), we want a new keeper to rotate with Kepa (Probably Onana) and we still need a striker. Soumare, Gabriel and Dembele are the only three players that have strong links who have not been explicitly mentioned by Twomey or Law.

  7. Tammy

    Pulisic/CHO – RLC – Ziyech



    Pulisic – Ziyech – CHO

    If we want to bring in a player like Sancho, who’d be far and away our best left winger, fine. However, when we’re talking about a high risk player like Coutinho who we’d have to change our tactics for, there is no point. We’re better off without him on our bills.

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FIFA are to allow the summer transfer window to be moved and has recommended player contracts be extended until the season ends.

FIFA are to allow the summer transfer window to be moved and has recommended player contracts be extended until the season ends.

Thank you for your service lads!

Thank you for your service lads!