Daily Discussion Thread – April 06, 2020

Daily Discussion Thread - April 06, 2020

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Please use this thread to discuss anything and everything football related! This covers ticket and general matchday questions (pubs, transport, etc), club tactics/formations, player social media, football around the globe, rivals and other competitions, and everything that comes to mind that ties in with Chelsea or football.

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  2. Ordered chelsea cup shirt 3rd of January still hasn’t shipped, I know they were backed up and things have slowed due to the pandemic, but 3 months seems a bit much no? Anyone else have similar issue?

  3. Barca fans: Coutinho was an awful signing. One of the worst of the Bartomeu era.

    Bayern fans: Thank goodness Coutinho is only a loan and we have no interest of making his stay permanent.

    Chelsea fans: Remember what he did 3 years ago? We definitely need to be signing this 28 year old who has done nothing but be dreadful for the last two seasons for big money on big wages.

    Some of you are so delusional, it’s bothersome.

  4. Where did the Coutinho rumours come from? And for winger? Thought he was terrible there for Barca and no way we need another midfielder

  5. I’m so conflicted over the Keppa situation. He has performed poorly and made mistakes on very important occasions this season, but I also think our backline has done very little to help him.

    I won’t be upset if we replace him in the summer as long as it is a calculated decision and not a panic buy replacement.

  6. If there’s anything to be learned from our recent transfer business it’s that nothing is leaked to journalists.

    So chances are that that player from Germany/Spain/Italy who’s being linked us from some second tier German/Spanish/Italian source, is actually just his agent using the club for a better contract somewhere else.

    Looking at you, Coutinho, Neuer, Alaba, etc.

  7. United fan coming in peace. I heard than an ITK of you guys said Sancho is a done deal ? Is this true

  8. I don’t know. I guess it just seemed strange that no other deals like it were getting done… but yeah, there’s no reason to think it won’t happen..

  9. Question about transfer business..
    If we’re assuming that the Ziyech deal doesn’t fall through and he will be a blue for the 20/21 season, is now a bad time to make other such deals? I guess I’m concerned that we’re not seeing other agreements like this being made, at least between clubs who will be able to weather this crisis. I’m not advocating for clubs to be circling around players from clubs that are struggling financially, but, for example, if Chilwell told Leicester in no uncertain terms he wanted to come to Chelsea, and a price was agreed upon, wouldn’t that same sort of agreement be permissible? Or is it simply the optics of doing business in the midst of all of this tragedy that we’re not seeing deals being reached? I’m just curious, it seems like one of the few things clubs could be doing right now while everyone waits this out…

    Edit: Why downvote this? It’s a small question on the daily discussion… in what way is it controversial?

  10. If we want a right winger who is versatile, we should get Buendia as opposed to Boga. Premier League proven, absolutely incredible dribbler and has great vision. He has 7 assists, more than any of our players have, at Norwich! He has a great weak foot and is a good long ranger. He surprisingly hasn’t scored this season as he got 8 last season. But his finishing still looks a bit raw.

  11. Unpopular opinion: RLC won’t be good for Chelsea, too injury prone with a bad back. Gonna be like kingsley coman. Hope im wrong tho

  12. Anjorin really shouldn’t be playing for the development squad next year. He should be loaned out.

  13. I miss football. I miss the pub. I miss my friends. I miss being able to just go out and do things. I even miss you pricks.

    Admittedly I at first rubbished the outbreak as nothing to worry about. But seeing the death tolls rise and realising how bad things could be if current measures hadn’t been imposed has certainly hit home.

    Stay home so we can sooner return to having the choice not to.

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