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Manchester United fan embarrasses themselves with attempted Van Dijk troll

Oh dear…

Following the game yesterday, when Manchester United fans celebrated a 1-1 draw at home, in which they had under 35% possession and two shots on target, like a win – one fan took to the internet with some attempted propaganda.

They posted a video of Virgil van Dijk slipping by the touchline, which resulted in precisely nothing, by the way – along with the caption: ‘If you see a Liverpool fan saying six times, just send them this’.

So, van DIjk is so big that him falling over next to the touchline wipes out the fact we’ve won the European Cup six times and are current Champions League holders!?

Ok, Alyssa!

Arsenal fan Patick Timmons actually explained why the original tweet was so stupid better than we ever could.

Van Dijk and Joel Matip were largely untroubled, bar the goal which should have been disallowed.

We’d like them to start racking up a few more clean-sheets, though, as two in 11 games in the Premier League and Champions League isn’t good enough – and certainly not in comparison to last season.

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