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Football preview possible squad and lineups – John Foot

Greetings to all the football fans.

In past articles, I described how I searched for services where I could get information about injured and disqualified players in European football leagues. I compared several services and seemed the most interesting to my mind. Starting to study this service, I have found out that some leagues publish extended squads for the game and in the last article I showed how it was convenient to watch applications on The list of all the team players is published in a table form for each game and near each player, there are marks on the player’s injuries, disqualification, return after injury or return after disqualification, and other marks. On the match preview page, you can see all upcoming games for 20 football championships.

Look at the screenshot of the Segunda Division preview page.

Today is October 5th, the icons of black T-shirts means that these teams have applications for the game. Blue T-shirts icons are preliminary starting lineups. Red T-shirts marks are the starting lineups. I will talk about this in a more detailed way in the next article. Today I want to share my findings of applications or extended lineups with you.

So, for example, let’s study the match Real Zaragoza — Cadiz Spain of the Segunda Division. We see that both teams have applications for this match.

The screenshot above shows how the application looks like, black dots are the players who will be able to take part in the match tomorrow. The home team has three players who are in doubt for this match (due to injuries), but they are in the extended squad, so they can play tomorrow. The interface of the site is very convenient and you can see the key player marked with a star icon, whether he played in the last games (three green dots mean that the player was in the starting lineup of the last 3 games, yellow dots indicate that the player started the game on the bench). I will write an entire article about the interface of since there are many interesting solutions here and it can be very useful for the football community.

I decided to go further to figure out in which countries the applications for the match are published the day before the game. Here is what I learned:

Spain, Paraguay, France, Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Argentina, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Brasil, Denmark, Netherlands, Bulgaria, Venezuela, Columbia, Uruguay, Ecuador, Mexico, Australia.

I have been watching football for a long time, but I haven’t known that applications for the match are published the day before the game in these countries. Each country has its language and, for example, in Spain, an application for a match is translated as convocatoria or convocados, in Italy, an application for a game is translated as convocati. It takes me a lot of time to search for all the applications by myself.

I used Google search to find more football services where extended squads for the game are published, but I did not find anything except Surprisingly, such useful information is available only on one service.

Why do analysts need to know extended lineups for the game?

After reading the team’s application for the match, we can find out which players are available for the match. If the player doesn’t get into the application, then he will not play in the match for sure. This information is very useful as the day before the game we can already know who will not play tomorrow in the match!

Also, before a day or in a day of the game, journalists publish preliminary starting lineups for the match, based on the analysis of the applications. I will write about this in the next article.

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