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Jurgen Klopp explains why Chelsea draw would be ‘positive’ result for Liverpool | Football | Sport

Liverpool take on Chelsea on Sunday and whatever happens during the game the Reds will still remain top of the Premier League, however, boss Jurgen Klopp believes if they come away with a draw it would still be a good result.

The Reds are the only team in the league who still have a 100 per cent record and after five games they are on 15 points, with Manchester City, who have played one more game, in second place on 13 points.

However, Klopp believes getting a draw against any of the top teams in the Premier League is always a “decent” result.

Last season Liverpool only lost one game in the Premier League but lost the title to City by one point, as the Citizens had won more games over the course of the season.

But for Klopp he doesn’t think there is pressure on his side to win the game when they are playing away against one of the big teams in the division.

“They are positive results,” Klopp said when speaking about taking a draw against top teams.

“If we thought the pressure was on to win last year we would have lost the game – that is how it is.

“You have to make sure you stay in the game.”

The 52-year-old German thinks it is important to identify the moments in the game when you should look to play open expansive football and take advantage of those chances.

“You cannot always go for the result because the league is so strong that if you open up in the last 20 minutes you give the other team a chance,” Klopp added.

“Sometimes when you want to win, you can lose. It makes no sense. You have to be solid, you have to be sensible.

“Do the right things at the right moment. That means your offensive actions have to be protected.

“That is the experience we made. You cannot compare this season with last season.

“It was enough to lose one game last year, but I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case this year. There will be no team who will lose just one game. It will be unlikely, I would say.”

And for Klopp playing conservative doesn’t mean no longer attacking it just means not being reckless at the back.

“Is a draw a decent result at big teams? It will always be,” Klopp said.

“But there will be a moment in the game where it makes sense to go for it but I don’t think there was a game when, say it was 1-1 we didn’t attack anymore.

“We didn’t take the ball in the corner, but we also didn’t go nuts.”

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