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Lampard praises Salah’s decision to leave Chelsea to become a superstar

Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has spoken about Liverpool star Mohamed Salah, ahead of this weekend’s big Premier League showdown.

The Blues legend had an overlap with Mo – so he knows what he’s talking about when he says he saw talent in Salah, but admits there was a lack of opportunity for the Egyptian.

Lampard says that like likes of Oscar, Willian and Eden Hazard were all preferred over a young Salah, and this is why he moved on after just 19 appearances.

It is hard because everyone has their own pathways,he’s quoted as saying by the Star.

Unfortunately for Mo, it didn’t work out here but it is great credit to him. He went to Italy and then came back and now he is a superstar. 

As for his path, it is hard to compare to what may have been. I had an overlap with him. The talent was obviously there.

At the time, I think we had a lot of options in attacking areas. Number 10s, wingers and he didn’t get as many opportunities for whatever reason but yes you could see the talent was there.

But the player that he is now or that came back to Liverpool I think you have to say huge credit is due. You don’t have to search for anything more than look at Mo himself.

You have to say what professionalism and work ethic to leave a club like Chelsea is not easy. People then cast you aside and say you won’t make it there. He went onto be the superstar he is now. It is completely credit to Mo himself.

Credit to Lampard for laying out the situation as it was, and not trying to claim that the Egyptian was inferior to other players in the squad at the time.

It does make you think, though – imagine if Chelsea hadn’t signed Willian; us or Spurs would have ended up with the Brazilian, and Mo would have likely broke through at Stamford Bridge.

Ugh. Doesn’t bare to think about, to be honest!

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