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Nine Champions League rule changes Chelsea, Liverpool, Barcelona fans need to know about | Football | Sport

Champions League competition will have nine new rule changes in affect when the tournament gets underway on Tuesday.

The changes were all agreed upon by the International Football Association Board last term.

Liverpool and Tottenham, who played in last year’s final, adhered to one of the rules during their clash, with both sides allowed to name a 23-man squad for the Madrid showpiece.

With the remaining eight changes to come into affect from Tuesday onwards, Express Sport have rounded up all nine of the new rules ahead of Matchday One of this season’s Champions League.


Players will be penalised for using their hands or arms, accidentally or not, to create a goalscoring chance or to score themselves.


Teams will be able to pick three players to come on from 12 substitutes in a 23-man squad, like Liverpool and Tottenham did in last year’s final. Managers previously had seven players on the bench.


Attackers will have to stand at least one metre away from the defensive wall when a free-kick is about to be taken, rather than interfering with it.


Goal-kicks and free-kicks no longer have to leave the box before a team-mate touches the ball. Opposition players will still not be allowed in the area, however.


They’re extinct. The ball will be given to the goalkeeper of the team who last touched the ball.


Goalkeepers aren’t allowed to touch the goalposts during spot-kicks and they will have to keep one leg on the goal-line as a penalty is being taken.

Leaving the pitch

Players will now be forced to leave the pitch wherever they are positioned on the field in an attempt to stop time-wasting.

Coin toss

Coin toss winners will now have the option to kick off first or choose an end to play towards. 

Yellow and red cards

Managers will now receive yellow and red cards! That should go down well with some of them.

In the first round of fixtures for Premier League teams in this season’s Champions League, Liverpool and Chelsea take on Napoli and Valencia, respectively, on Tuesday.

On Wednesday, Manchester City travel to Shakhtar Donetsk while Tottenham head to Greece for a clash with Olympiakos.

Barcelona begin their campaign against Borussia Dortmund in Germany and Zinedine Zidane’s Real Madrid take on Paris Saint-German.

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