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Social Shots: Roberto Firmino gets filthy again; Roy Hodgson left talking to himself

Date published: Monday 16th September 2019 10:26

Roberto Firmino was at it again, Crystal Palace boss Roy Hodgson was left talking to himself and there was a rabona winner over the weekend.


In our weekly feature, we take a look at the best social media posts from across the world of football over the weekend. Football and social media can go hand in hand, but not everyone gets it right. Here, we celebrate those that do, highlighting the posts that have made us chuckle, the videos of wonder goals that we’ve just had to watch again, or just anything we felt simply had to be shared…


More filth from Firmino 

Bobby Firmino went through his full repertoire of flicks and feints at Anfield on Saturday, and if we live till we are 105 we will never get tired of watching this assist.


Are you watching Mr Southgate? 

Three weeks ago Tammy Abraham had never scored for Chelsea. Now he’s the youngest player ever to score a Premier League hat-trick for the Blues and the joint top-scorer in the league. Hurry up Gareth, pick him for England already!

A peculiar case of Déjà vu old Son

There was something strangely familiar about Son Heung-min’s individual effort against Crystal Palace on Saturday. 👀

Lonely at the top 

Roy Hodgson illustrated perfectly over the weekend just how lonely a place top level football management can be.


Just when you think you’ve seen everything the beautiful game has to offer, someone pops up with a 90th minute rabona winner. Do behave!

Who said the bookies are always right?

Numerous first team players out. ❌
Hadn’t beaten Man City at home in the league for 26 years. ❌

The Canaries somehow defy the longest odds ever offered on a home team winning a Premier League match to overcome Pep Guardiola’s Man City. ✅

Pep Out? Do us a favour 

Definition of overreact. intransitive verb. : to react to something too strongly : to respond to something with too strong an emotion or with unnecessary or excessive action Eg, Nigel!

You get what you pay for 

Wow. Love him or loathe him, there are few people in the world right now capable of producing this type of injury-time winner when the pressure is on. C’est Magnifique!

Gunners pay the penalty again!
In life there are only a few things that are certain. Death, taxes and David Luiz giving away penalties. Unai Emery trying to put a brave face on it after the Gunners’ latest capitulation against Watford.

Blue Peter
17 years ago this very day folks! The mistake that saw Finnish ‘keeper Peter Enckelman go down in ‘Second City Derby’ folklore. Ouch.


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