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Top 5 European Football Leagues by Revenue – Richard Bert Diener

There’s no gainsaying that football is a unifying game of the world; it’s loved by all and sundry. However, some are pulling more waves than the other. The football industry in Europe is fast growing into a multi-billion-euro sector, with different interest groups investing heavily in the industry. Due to this, the revenue base of most of the top-flight leagues in the continent is soaring higher annually. This piece briefly discusses the top leagues, ranked through their financial buoyancy.

English Premier League

For some few years now, the English Premier League has been dominating the European scene in all realms — finance, TV subscription, audience, among others. The League raked in a whooping €5.4 billion during the 2018/19 season, signaling a 6% increase to the previous season’s. There are a lot of reasons being attributed to this explosive increase but what sounded most plausible is the argument that five English teams participated in the UEFA Champions League, the foremost annual soccer competition in the universe, and each team got to the round of 16. Also, it was an all-England final in the UEFA competitions for last season. This factor alone increased the nation’s revenue by €79 million. The League also enjoyed a boom in commercial and matchday revenues.

German Bundesliga

While an average football lover would have expected Spanish LaLiga to follow suit after Premier League, the German Bundesliga came from behind and proved itself a force to be reckoned with. The German side made €3.1 billion last season. However, the League was the most-watched in the continent; it had an average of 43,000 spectators on each matchday. Apart from livening up the tempo of games through the cheers and jeers of fans, club authorities were also raking in a huge amount of money through that process. Even though the teams in the League didn’t perform well at the continental competitions, they maximized their opportunity on the domestic ground which bolstered their revenue base.

Spanish La Liga

To some extent, it seems the exit of Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid after nine productive years is telling on the Spanish League as a whole; the rivalry between the Portuguese and his Barcelona counterpart, Lionel Messi, has considerably dropped. Some people who were enthusiastic about the League’s matches don’t longer bother or they could have diverted their attention to Italy, Ronaldo’s new destination. After the 2018/19 season, La Liga accrued in €3 billion.

Italian Serie A

Italy isn’t playing the back role too; there’s a considerable level of growth in the League. For last season, the European side raked in €2.2 billion as revenue, with the hope that the figures will soar high subsequent times.

French Ligue 1

There are a lot of budding players with a very promising future in France. If most of them are not bought before their full manifestation, the country may soon become the home of champions; it would be a conglomeration of stars. The financial fortune of the country is another pointer to this fact. It entrenched itself as a billion-euro sector last season by generating €1.6 billion as revenue.

Looking at the performance of each league, one discovers that there are still more areas to explore and with time, better revenue levels shall be discussed. This is testified to by Dan Jones, a leading figure in Deloitte, the company behind the ranking of the leagues. Jones puts it thus: “This reflects the drive among leading clubs to generate ever greater revenues to fund success on the pitch and also the sustained efforts of UEFA to improve profitability and sustainability of clubs through Financial Fair Play and club licensing.” Tony Mapped It gives a clearer view of the current state of things among the European top-flight leagues through a pictorial explanation.

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