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Man Utd news: Wes Brown snubs Daniel James with Aaron Wan-Bissaka claim | Football | Sport

Former Manchester United defender Brown has snubbed Daniel James by naming Wan-Bissaka as the player that has impressed him the most.

Both Wan-Bissaka and James joined United in the summer as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made his mark ahead of his first full season as boss.

Brown, who won five league titles during his 15-years at the club, has named the right-back as the most impressive.

“He’s been fantastic,” Brown told Paddy Power news about the 21-year-old.

“Probably the one signing for United who has been most consistent.

“He’s started every game, he’s got great athleticism and he’s good in the tackle.

“He’s come from Crystal Palace and people wondered if he’d be good enough for Manchester United and already from the first game it looks like he’s stepping up. He’s enjoying it and it’s where he wants to be.

“He’s only young, he’s level-headed and everything he’s done, tackling, tracking back has been brilliant.

“I’ve even seen some of the better players not dare to have a go at him, they’re turning back and passing it.

“That’s the sort of player he is, no one wants to take him on because he’s going to go with everything.”

Dennis Irwin has agreed with Brown’s praise of the defender.

Irwin told Man Utd’s official website: “He’s been brilliant. I saw him play for Palace quite a bit last year, and he only played for the Palace first team for 15 months.

“He spent [his younger] years as a right winger, so what surprises me is how good he is defensively.

“Not just the tackling, because we saw that last year and in the first four games of this season, but the positions he takes up are very good.

“You always worry about a winger when they transform into a full-back, it can take them a while to get used to that. He seems really good at that.

“Obviously he’s a young lad and has a lot to learn yet, but he’s been a real plus.”

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