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Merson: Spurs were battered by City

It’s fair to say Paul Merson was impressed with City’s performance against Spurs on Saturday, in spite of the result.

“Let’s be honest, it is not like Spurs went there and ripped Man City apart!” Merson told Sky Sports. “They could play 75 per cent as good as they did on Saturday and still win the league comfortably!

“It was an absolute battering! And all City will be taking away from that is: there is nothing wrong with us.

“If I were Tottenham, they just got over the line against Villa and let’s be honest, they got rinsed on Saturday. And if that had ended up six or seven, Tottenham would not have complained, they could not have moaned.

“City do not have to tweak anything if they carry on playing like that. You cannot see anybody beating them.

“Last season, Kevin De Bruyne did not play a lot and they still won the league and now you are talking about a player who would walk into every other team in the league, if not the world.

“There is nothing wrong with City, they played very, very well. And if they keep on playing like that, teams will not be able to live with them. And that was against one of the top three teams in the country, a title contender and a very good team themselves, not against a team from the bottom half.

“And they were making Tottenham look very, very average on Saturday and believe me, they are not an average team, they are a very good side.

“And that just puts it in perspective…”

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