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The Unrivalled Culture – FC Regista

FC Regista

FC Regista is a digital media platform for modern day lovers of the beautiful game. My love for the game was founded in a family where football is the only sport watched and the first time I cried because of the sport was in the arms of my father during the 2004 African Cup of Nations. There’s an abundance of cultures within the world of football and this is further exacerbated in the multicultural London. Each cultures are unique and represent a variety of peoples. However, a new sub culture of football is starting to emerge among people of my background; people of multiple nationalities living in the multicultural inner city of London with different taste in music & fashion to the dominant football culture in the country.

Grime Legend: Devlin x Tottenham Hotspurs

Kids who listen to Grime, UK Drill, Rap, RnB, etc. But are also die hard fans of Arsenal, Chelsea, United and maybe, Dagenham and Redbridge are the pioneers of this sub culture. This new culture of football fans is unrivalled and I would argue that it might be the key to the complete world domination of the sport. We have already seen all the biggest clubs in the world choose to embrace this culture, players being signed to Hip-hop labels, footballers and rappers collaborating and even Air Jordan jumping on the bandwagon.

One of the coldest player announcement ever

This is not a facade or a hype train. This culture is here to stay! I thereby welcome you to FC Regista: The home of the unrivalled culture of the beautiful game.

If you are interested in contributing to this platform to discuss who you think the 🐐 is, the best kits this season or anything else football related, feel free to send a ideas to: or here. Writers are required to be creative, original, well researched and have the freedom to express their beliefs.

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