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Manuel Pellegrini says Manchester City committed tactical fouls in rout | Football

Manuel Pellegrini accused Manchester City of making repeated tactical fouls during West Ham’s 5-0 thrashing by the champions at the London Stadium.

“Every time we tried to arrive in their box they committed fouls. We were innocent in that regard,” he said.

“If you review the game that is why we didn’t create too many chances in the first half. All our offensive moments of attacking ended in a foul. You can look at the statistics. They committed 13 fouls, we committed five. But that wasn’t the reason why we lost.”

The key statistic from the game was instead the five goals conceded by West Ham, four of them in a one-sided second half. In spite of this Pep Guardiola said his team still has areas for improvement.

“The performance was not perfect,” he said. “In the first half we were sloppy in our passes, we were not precise. But that’s normal. First game away, 12.30pm start, we didn’t have our rhythm. We have to [do better]. But that’s normal, it’s the first game. This kind of game we cannot be precise in our game. But I cannot deny I am so delighted that we won like this.”

Both managers were cautiously encouraging about the use of VAR that included the first disallowed Premier League goal and repeated interruptions while decisions were reviewed. Guardiola also raised the issue of how disallowing a goal might affect the team that thought it had scored.

Pep Guardiola calls Manchester City ‘sloppy’ despite 5-0 win – video

“We have to be strong. After [the score appeared to be] 0-3 you might think the game is over. Then it’s back to 0-2 and Ederson had to make an incredible save.

“In this league anything can happen. That’s why you have to celebrate but always be completely focused and continue your concentration.”

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