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Sports quiz of the week: Premier League, Eden Hazard and sore feet

Who hit two hat-tricks? Who slipped? Who threw a tantrum?

Argentina’s women’s basketball team were penalised with a 20-0 defeat in their match against Colombia at the Pan American Games this week even though they did not even make it on to the court. What happened?

They were caught trying to sneak a man (in a wig and make-up) into their team

They turned up in the wrong kit and couldn’t play

They went to the wrong city

They were caught wearing sneakers with extra thick soles

Premier League clubs will earn a record £349m from shirt sponsorship deals this season. Which side went into the first day of the first Premier League season – back in 1992 – without a sponsor on their shirt?

Nottingham Forest


Ipswich Town

Sheffield Wednesday

Diego Forlán retired from football this week. He was a great striker with a brilliant goalscoring record for Uruguay and Atlético Madrid, but it never really clicked for him at Manchester United. Which of his sartorial choices annoyed Alex Ferguson so much?

Ferguson thought his shirt was too baggy

Ferguson didn’t approve of his long hair

Ferguson didn’t like the studs he wore on his boots

Ferguson didn’t think he should wear an alice band

Why has Eden Hazard been wearing No 50 on the back of his shirt for Real Madrid in pre-season?

Because his contract is worth £50m in wages

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landings

As his dad turned 50 this week

He lost a bet to 50 Cent and this is his punishment

Who scored the first goal of the season in the Premier League last year (having scored in the World Cup final a few weeks before)?

Steven Nzonzi

Olivier Giroud

Paul Pogba

Dejan Lovren

Only seven players have scored hat-tricks on the opening weekend of the Premier League season. Which club provided two of them?

Coventry City




Which team lost their first two games of the Premier League season (to Sheffield United and Everton) but still went on to win the title by 10 points?

Leicester City


Blackburn Rovers

Manchester United

Nick Kyrgios had a bit of a nightmare at the Canadian Open this week. He lost in the first round in straight sets. Why was he particularly angry with the umpire?

There was no Robinsons squash beside his chair

He was given the wrong towel

He said the umpire should stop the crowd from booing him

He said the umpire’s computer was too bright and was distracting him

NFL player Antonio Brown has been out of action in recent weeks due to a mysterious foot injury. What happened them?

He fell asleep on a beach and his feet got sunburnt

He suffered frostbite

He fell from a climbing frame

He fell out of a kayak and got his feet stuck inside

The boxer Carl Frampton is also suffering from an injury. What happened his hand?

He scalded the palm of his hand while scrambling eggs

A large ornament fell on his hand and broke a bone

He broke his wrist re-enacting the scene in Raging Bull where Jake LaMotta punches a wall

He sliced off a finger while changing his guitar strings

Why have Bristol City written to the other clubs in the Championship before the start of the season?

To tell opponents to “bring their A game this season” or they are “done for”

To let them know they have a new type of grass on their pitch that makes the ball bounce especially high

To say they won’t be kicking the ball out of play if opponents go down injured

To request that visiting players refrain from swearing as a lot of children attend Britsol City matches

2 and above.

Oh dear

3 and above.

Oh well, have a great weekend

4 and above.

Oh well, have a great weekend

5 and above.

A fine effort. Have a great weekend

6 and above.

A fine effort. Have a great weekend

7 and above.

A fine effort. Have a great weekend

8 and above.

A fine effort and a fine score. Have a great weekend

9 and above.

A fine effort and a fine score. Have a great weekend

10 and above.

A fine effort and a fine score. Have a great weekend

11 and above.

You hero. Have a great weekend

0 and above.

Oh dear

1 and above.

Oh well, have a great weekend

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