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What should Tottenham do about Christian Eriksen? – Ian Kwak

What should Tottenham do about Christian Eriksen?

Ten years ago Tottenham Hotspur were a middle of the table team that would struggle to qualify for either European competitions. Fast forward to today the team consistently places top four in the Premier League, makes it far in the Champions League, and features great players most notably Harry Kane, Heung Min Son, Dele Alli, Christian Eriksen, etc. Moreover, the team has an Amazing new stadium filled with energetic fans. The Club’s success is evident this past season having come only one win short of claiming the cup with big ears. Great players, Great Stadium, Great fans, are all components of a big club however, there is one vital piece missing from this equation. That crucial missing piece are trophies. If Tottenham Hotspur wants to get the next level and rival clubs with the likes of Real Madrid, Manchester United, Barcelona, Liverpool, etc the club needs to add a lot of Silverware to their cabinet. This raises the question of how exactly can Tottenham add silverware to the cabinet? Well, this is a process that will take many steps, some of which have been completed such as the acquisition of a great manager and core of players. However, the next step should be to add more even more depth into the squad. The addition of Tanguy Ndombele this summer helps add depth, but further depth is necessary. Although it is controversial Tottenham must sell star Christian Erikksen in order to do this,

There is no doubt that Eriksen has been a great asset to the team during his stay at Tottenham. However it is evident that he will not want to sign another contract with the club having stated his wishes to leave following the defeat in Madrid. Eriksen’s current contract lasts until the end of next season and then he will enter free agency. Therefore Tottenham will likely only have him for one more year under current circumstances. Furthermore Christian Eriksen’s current market value is about 100 millions Euros. Therefore the ultimate question for Tottenham’s management and fans is whether it is better to have Eriksen’s services for one more year who has expressed wishes to leave, or to acquire 100 million Euros which can be used to add more depth and youth to the squad. 100 million Euros should be enough for the club to acquire players strong young players like Giovani Lo Celso and Ryan Sesssgnon. Furthermore, Lo Celso and Sessegnon would most definitely be with the club past the 2019/20 season. Ultimately it is better for the club to sell a great player, 27 years old, who no longer wishes to be with the club, who will only be with the club for another season and acquire two or more young players with a lot of potential who will be with the club for a longer period of time. Once again, Christian Eriksen is an outstanding player who has served the club well, but it is now time for both parties to go separate paths. Of course Spurs fans wish for him to stay for a longer period of time, but it is important to face reality. Eriksen wants to leave the club and will leave by the 2020/21 season and Tottenham needs to add more depth in order to win some trophies.

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