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Man United target scares fans; the game that will decide the title

Arsenal fans talk Xhaka, Chelsea supporters predict where they will finish next season, Liverpool fans pick which game will secure the title and Man Utd readers scared by target- all in Your Says of the Day.

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Jeff -“read what people have written,Xhaka, as has been said, is a mid-table player at best”.That right there is your problem, and “opinions” is your basis for an argument.Just because you see Arsenal fans constantly lambast a player because they’ve had it in from day one, you think it’s good enough to win an argument.You think opinions matter that’s it, no matter how substance-less they are and not backed up by anything relating to important facts, statistics and so on that are literally elements that make up a player’s game.These same fans have gotten many many things wrong before.And what, so today if they were to say that Messi is a terrible player, by your “logic” we should agree because it’s what’s “been said around here”.
You’ve done this far too many times.

Remember when you called Ramsey “Average”. See, that was merely your opinion. it dosen’t mean it’s true.He’s clearly not average, what he is currently is playing for the top teams in the country on one of the highest wages for a british footballer.

You say Xhaka makes a mistake every 10 mins.You like to make up things in the air.why don’t you try and prove what you say and add substance to it.Go on, and by mistakes i mean genuine errors not misplaced passes that most footballers make then and about.You think football is so easy. Mistakes happen when a footballer has the balls to make something happen by doing something risky, such as a forward pass. What i classify as a mistake is when someone loses the ball in a dangerous position (which is your own defense area of your team). I do want you list down all the errors xhaka has made that lead upto a goal.Go on, don’t be shy.Let’s see if it has happened every 10 mins.You think some what matters is some nobody uneducated fans sit behind and say matters more than what a manager (someone who lives and breathes football everyday) matters.IF xhaka is so useless, why is he the captain let alone constantly picked for a team that is ranked 9th in Fifa world rankings.You’re going to come out with some pathetic excuse for that as well.

When you’re ready to back your opinion with Substance, let me know because until then it would mean from little to nothing(this goes for everyone including me!


Xhaka does mistakes however not every ten minutes that would be obvious to anyone.

Many things about players boil down to opinions its as simple as that. I think Xhaka is slow, really poor at marking and tracking back. His long passing is quite good as well as his shooting. Thats my take on him i dont think he is the worst out there but I dont think he is good enough and I feel that about a lot of players in our squad.

This thread is about transfers not debating Xhaka or Mustafis quality we all know where we stand on those.


Its no surprise that players we are looking for either dont want to come or we pull out because the cost more than £20 m and then we are not even looking in the top bracket. So much for players wanting to come its more the current owners and management has been found out.

Players we want to keep dont want to stay and players we want out wont leave or nobody wants.

I really dont see how any restructuring can happen unless we let contracts run down and they go for free or if we let them go for peanuts.



dont mind the players you want in though id swap Zaha for Pepe, but seriously to call those valuation remotely accurate?! have you seen the current market?

more realistic (IMHO)

1. Zaha – 70-80m
2. Frank kessie – 60-70m
3. Samuel Umtiti – 60-80m
4. Dennis praet – 40m
5. Thomas Muneir – 35-45m

but in all honesty its not really about the cost (though also adds to the fun of the debating) its the type of players fans like and want….id be happy very happy with the above!




steveO – i’ve made those valuations presuming with an owner change our transfer negotiators(who are amongst the worst in the business) change as well.And of course considering what’s been reported repeatedly in the press.I do think you have overestimated player’s values a bit over the top, my valuations might be 10m down but not more than that.

Zaha or Pepe. I too would like pepe but he’d cost 70-80m because of the exceptional season added to the fact he’s being chased by the top most CL teams which creates a bidding war. Zaha is not in the same position.He’s a good talent but he dosen’t have the same stats, and as far as I know not being chased by so many clubs.He plays for a club currently who hasn’t qualified for the european competetions. Add that to the fact we up his wages a bit we should be able to get him for 60m easy,the push has to come from his end and we have to take advantage of that.
Kessie has reportedly been made available for a swap deal with torreria who Arsenal values at 35m.Even if we were to not do a swap throw in an extra 10m and we might acquire him.
Umtiti has been reportedly valued time and again for 50m by barca. You have to remember he isn’t a starter for them as well.
Praet 40m valuation is a bit of a joke, it’s been widely reported that praet and anderson we can acquire for 50m euros.Praet can’t be worth more than 30m upper limit.
Muneir as well,25m as widely reported in the news.IMO he’s going to leave so let’s see for how much anyway.



We will be no contender. That’s pretty clear. Anybody who thinks otherwise will need to have their head examined I think. But on the other side, we should fight for the top 4. If we finish inside the top 4 with this transfer ban and this managerial change: I would already be happy. I am under no illusion that we will compete for the title. Nope. We are lacking goalscorers. If Lampard comes, it would mean we are building for the future. Not for the present. My feeling is that we will finish somewhere in the top 4 to top 6. Probably 5th.

So bottom line is that we must be ready for a difficult season and we must lower our expectation a bit. Give our full support to our new manager (hopefully FL as I just read Makelele came back to Chelsea to oversee our youth). If Cech and Makelele come back: our golden generation would be the mentors and I think it’s good for the current players. Hope FL and DD join the party too !


Apart from City and Liverpool, and potentially Spurs depending on who they keep and if they buy anyone, I see no reason to fear anyone else. Both Arsenal and ManU appear to be in similar positions to us and I would argue that even using some of our kids we have as good as, if not better, a squad then either of them. So I think a top 4 spot is achievable

Lots of arguments for and against Frank but I am now of the opinion, largely based on the fact that it appears to be a done deal, that the positives outweigh the negatives. That being said Frank will need to hit the ground running but seeing as he knows the EPL so well and what is needed for example in the dressing room to knit this squad together I am sure he will do well. KTBFFH



As the club and some it’s players are in extra competitions this year we are gonna have to be very careful with our planning and use of players.
For example, the African Cup of Nations final is on 19th July. Both Mané and Salah will be expecting to go far in this comp. so they may not be ready to start the season. As a club we can expect to play approximately an xtra 10 games this season depending on the draws etc. I don’t think we can be as unlucky again with our League and FA cup draws again, we also have the Super Cup, Community Shield and the Club World Cup.
It’s the exact reason why we need a deeper, more reliant and robust squad this year.


Salah Klopp Van Dijk

Salah Klopp Van Dijk

Ginger: You make a good point regarding tiredness for the final few games against top opposition, however I’d like to offer s slightly different view. Klopp has learnt about the rigours of the Premiership in his three full seasons, he tailored that last season so that we would have enough energy for the run-in. It showed as we didn’t exert anywhere near as much energy on pressing in the first 3/4 months of the season and that paid dividends at the end.

I believe he’ll do the same this year. Yes the City game will always be massive as they are the only side who can match our energy levels. I wouldn’t see Chelsea and Arsenal in as bigger threat though. Chelsea will also be exhausted by the time they play us, the Champions League is a tough additional proposition for them this season. The Europa League didn’t trouble them last year because the quality of sides they faced up until about the Semis made it a cruise.

Plus, Unless Arsenal sanction a massive overhaul, their players just aren’t up to scratch compared to ours.

I genuinely feel that playing Chelsea and Arsenal at the point of the season will be easier than facing a team battling for their lives against relegation.

The City game will still be massive though and could decide the title…



Henderson played really well yesterday for the England U21s.

Wan Bissaka, on the other hand, was poor throughout – his own goal reminded of something Smalling or Jones would probably do – which scares me.

Dembele looked good up front for France.

Seeing all our targets linked with other clubs while we drag our feet makes me feel like we’re going to have a summer window similar to last year (probably nab one more expensive signing who won’t be that great and we’ll overpay for them to go along with James).

Really don’t know how our scouts manage to maintain their jobs – they literally do not scout anyone that someone who watches football at a leisurely level couldn’t pick up on and actually get paid well for it. Unbelievable.

Sympathy for the Devils

Moussa Dembele TEAMtalk

Moussa Dembele TEAMtalk

T.Partey of Atletico Madrid and D.v.d.Beek of Ajax should be considered in case Pogba is sold, or even if he stays. I know we cannot compete for the top players since we are not winning trophies and are not even in the CL!!



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