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Reddit Soccer Streams: Why Reddit stopped football streams – how to watch Champions League | Football | Sport

Champions League contenders are now in the quarter-final stretch, as this year’s biggest teams have been decided, and names have been drawn. This year, Manchester United will be facing off against Barcelona, and Manchester City will be up against Tottenham. Liverpool has drawn Portuguese team Porto FC, and Juventus will be expected to continue their impressive streak against Ajax. With streaming banned via Reddit Soccer Streams, Football fans will need to turn elsewhere to catch a piece of the action.

Why did Reddit ban r/soccerstreams?

Football match streaming was previously available via Reddit on subreddit r/soccerstreams.

The subreddit fell foul of Premier League officials in January this year, as it offered free streaming of official matches.

Watching matches illegally in this way is an infringement of Reddit and the Premier League’s copyright policy.

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In January, a moderator commented: “We’ve officially reached critical mass.

“I regret to inform you all that a few days ago, the Reddit Admins got in touch with us about an impending ban of this subreddit if changes weren’t made.

“The only way to save it, from our perspective, was to cease all user-related activity here.”

Users hoping to visit the subreddit today will be greeted with a message reading: “r/soccerstreams has been banned from Reddit.

“This subreddit has been banned for violations of Reddit’s Copyright Repeat Infringement Policy.”

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How you can watch Champions League 2019?

The Champions League is best watched via official channels, where you can find higher quality matches and you don’t risk trouble from authorities.

This year, BT Sport have broadcast rights to the Champions League.

Although they aren’t free, there are a number of ways you can pay to watch the action, and they won’t put too much pressure on the bank.

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If you are already a BT broadband user, you can add a BT Sport subscription to your current contract for a minimal £6.99.

Those not already signed up with the service can buy a broadband and BT TV package for £35.99 per month.

This will also grant you access to the matches via and the BT Sport app if you’re out and about while games are going on.

BT Sport can be added to other broadband and TV services, including Sky, TalkTalk and Virgin.

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