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Man City news and transfers RECAP Chelsea highlights as City win 6-0 as Maurizio Sarri tipped for sack

The blueprint to beating Chelsea

Alan Shearer says City targeted Jorginho as a way of stopping Chelsea yesterday, and used his Match of the Day analysis to highlight how effective the tactic was.

This is what he had to say:

“They were absolutely sensational, for the whole of that game they dominated Chelsea. Not only did they play their own game but what was also impressive was they stopped Chelsea from playing theirs.

“We saw that if you stop Jorginho in the middle of the park you’ve got a very very good chance of stopping Chelsea. And I thought they did it brilliantly today.

“They set traps all over the park just to say ‘ok, if you want to give it to him, we’re there, we’re going to put him under pressure.’

Speaking over a series of clips showing how City’s front men would close Jorginho down whenever Chelsea were in possession, Shearer continued:

“The goalkeeper’s got the ball, there’s Jorginho. They’re just saying to him ‘go on, you pass it to him if you want. We’ve got the trap ready and if you do, then we’ll capitalise. So they don’t pass it to him, it goes out wide, and they win the ball back.

“Exactly the same thing again – how many times do you see the goalkeeper look up and give the ball to Jorginho. They can’t pass it into him because he wants to start Chelsea moves and dictate play and he wasn’t able to do that today.

“[The result was] no protection infront of the back four, far too easy for Aguero to get in there. City picked them off with ease. They stopped him all game and Chelsea couldn’t get started. If you stop him that’s half of Chelsea’s game gone.”

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