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I used to play football

It was the fun, good old days in my teenage years.

When I was in the final year of my secondary school studies, I played real football for the second half of the school year during my physical education lessons.

We had to arrive half-past-eight in the morning every Tuesday, at a sports ground outside (and quite far away) from our campus because ours isn’t big enough.

Here’s the routine of the lesson:

  1. Physical training.
  2. One 11 vs 11 match (we have a big size for the class)
  3. Recovery session (plus a few minutes of debriefing)
  4. Return to the campus (through a pre-arranged bus journey)

For your information, we could either wear our own PE uniform or jerseys, but only in white. Our uniform rules applied here and that’s the main reason.

I wasn’t neither a fan of the game nor a football writer on Quora yet, but I could vividly remember that I had a hard time searching for a goal.

I ran a lot and covered the pitch like what Kanté and Torreira do on the pitch. I made a few important tackles and committed fouls, got a yellow card for that.

Sounds like that I played like a defensive midfielder, no? My best friend in the class played as a goalkeeper and did very well between the sticks.

Despite not scoring myself, I still recall that I handed an assist to my teammate.

I once recovered the ball from my opponent, sprinted for a bit towards goal, then instead of passing, I tried a shot but was parried away by the shot-stopper.

Then, the striker scored on the rebound and we took the lead, only to be equalised later. Our rivals were strong enough that we never won against them.

Of course, we’re a bunch of disciplined people — this is why there were no dirty scenes on the pitch and my teacher handed neither penalties nor red cards.

It was all smiles off the pitch and the so-called “enemies” returned to friends, brothers and classmates. After all, life is always simple during school days.

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